curated by Wendy McLean

Ben Cain | Brad Grievson | Nicholas John Jones | Freyja Wright


Opening on Friday 20th June 6.30pm


20th June -12th July 2014


There will be a Poetry/reading event to accompany the exhibition on Saturday 12th July at 5pm



Images courtesy of the artists, Supplement and VI, VII, Oslo

Rest could be considered in terms of relaxation; of the body, muscles and brain. It could be given to the maker or the viewer of the artwork. Rest can be in a moment, between activity, in recuperation or recovery. Objects and bodies can be at rest, settled, stilled, in a temporary state or end point.


Rest infers movement has happened. Leaning is a shift of weight. Rest could refer to the in and out of making or to a state of finish. There is a need for rest. (A) Rest is sometimes a duration of silence in music, a read rest and a rest is played. A sound after another sound, sounds different from a sound after a silence.


A pause in speech or verse.


To stay in position. To place a hand on a shoulder. Think of the weight. A hand on a shoulder, relaxed, gives away. In this moment the shoulder is another mass caught in the play of resting. Two objects, relative to each other.