curated by Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson | Lizi Sanchez | Luke Skiffington


Opening on Friday 23rd May 6.30pm


23rd May - 14th June 2014


Artists' and curator's talk chaired by Juan Bolivar Saturday 14th June 5pm

In(habitat) takes as its starting point a Richard Hamilton exhibition, an Exhibit staged at the ICA in which Hamilton collaborated with Lawrence Alloway and Victor Pasmore. This 1957 exhibition, recently recreated this year at the ICA, informs In(habitat). In a reconsidering of the floor-to-ceiling suspended hanging system utilised by Hamilton, Alloway and Pasmore, paintings by three contemporary artists - Andy Jackson, Lizi Sanchez and Luke Skiffington - will replace the suspended vertical and horizontal Perspex sheeting used in the original exhibition.


In(habitat) reappropriates the formal aspects of Hamilton's collaboration, combining a mid-century composure system with the different languages of abstract painting presented in the contemporary works displayed here. Jackson's large monochromatic paintings and Sanchez's aluminium foil pieces hang suspended from floor to ceiling in the Lion and Lamb space acting as dividing screens, whilst Skiffington's 'Mr Bauhaus' portraits, hang from the wall acting as on-looking characters or spectators. Jackson and Sanchez's paintings take on a dual function: as artworks and dividing screen, whilst Skiffington's portraits act out a stationary audience for this gallery space scenario. The artworks function collectively as a spatial composition, whilst simultaneously existing within the conventions of wall based paintings.