Intuition-anti intuition




Curated by Laurence Noga

Anthony Daley | Caroline List | Laurence Noga | Katie Pratt | Raf Zawistowski


8th September – 29th September 2012




This exhibition refers to a shared approach through process and materiality. A conscious strategy to subvert intuition is developed by an engagement with rules or games, often through self-imposed instructions. Colour underpins decisions, and surface facture can be pared down and translucency used to create sudden density. The luminous atmosphere in each of the works combines painterly tension, dynamic motion, peripheral forms and imperfect geometries.


Anthony Daley uses ‘blackboard’ rules as a mantra, the surface being re-worked with physicality and determination. Katie Pratt’s use of drawing/dripping reflects self-conscious decision-making, marks quickly repeated in scale and proportion. Caroline List's compositions depict a floating world, collisions in time and space. Raf Zawistowski explores a density of surface through an encaustic technique of wax and oil paint. Laurence Noga’s paintings are ‘in control and out of control’, colour producing a disorientating depth of field, allowing intuitive events to collide in a frontal approach.