Thank you for your interest in the Lion and Lamb gallery program.


The process at Lion and Lamb is fairly straight forward but we like to stress that it is quite competitive because of the volume of proposals we receive. For that reason we encourage a proposal rationale that can be presented in as clear and informative way as possible.


Whilst proposals can allow for experimentation, it is also favourable to have a specificity and considered element that makes it distinct, so if you could submit some images which accurately reflect the work that may be presented this would be great - taking into consideration the nature and in particular the scale of the Lion & Lamb gallery space.


Generally exhibitions run for just over three weeks, allowing 4 - 5 days to install each show. We will review shortlisted proposals in September for the 2015 program and we may return to you with questions or ask for further clarification.


Could you please complete the cover sheet and return it with your proposal, and if you have any questions do let us know